Rowing Style


Aiko Miyanaga
In Japanese,English


Visions of ourselves amid a uctuating and ever-changing world.
Miyanaga Aiko transforms materials including naphthalene, which vaporizes at room temperature, into artworks expressing a world that ever shifts, yet endures. The title of this latest collection evokes images of seas and islands oating, and of timeowing, across endless days—an allusion to Miyanaga’ s vision of each and every one of us as being like ships rowing upon the sea, face to face with the world and its incessant permutations.

□ size: 270 × 215 × 13 mm, 620 g
□ binding: hardcover
□ pages: 128
□ release date:August 2, 2019
□ price: 3,500 yen (JPY)
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