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Ellen Sheidlin
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4.6 million Instagram followers, and 2.24 million YouTube channel subscribers!
The world’s first photo book of Ellen Sheidlin, a Russian artist drawing attention from fashionistas and creators all around the world
*** Received high praise from Naomi Watanabe ***
“Ellen’s hyper-creative punch is always filled with love and care You will surely be knocked out by it!!”

— Opening doors one after another, I put myself in the deadly danger. I may not pass this level. —
(Excerpt from the book)
Ellen Sheidlin is a Russian artist who uses herself as a motif and publishes her artistic photos on SNS. Her unique work, ranging from pretty girlish portraits to scenes from dark fantasy stories, is gaining support mainly from fashionistas and creators around the world. This is her first photo book ever, covering her activities to date and collecting her illustration and photographic works, from early works to masterpieces which earned over 600,000 “Likes” and works in collaboration with major companies. This book is full of powerful words of her lifestyle philosophy and unreleased “making-of” photos that fans don’t want to miss This is a book filled with creativity and energy that transcends the reality.
Ellen (Elena) Sheidlin A Russian model and artist. Ellen has been posing a series of photos on SNS, which combine pop and surrealism in a perfect balance. She rarely uses CG, but plans, constructs, and even makes props herself to create a unique world view, capturing attention of many SNS users.

□ size: 148 × 210 × 11 mm, 340g
□ binding: softcover
□ pages: 152
□ release date: October 2020
□ price: 2,200 yen (JPY)
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