On Papers A Retrospective 1969 – 2012

  Toeko Tatsuno In Japanese     Toeko Tatsuno passed away in 2014 at the age of sixty-four, at the height of her career. Here, prints, sketches, and other output—including some never before published—oer a multifaceted exploration of her work, from the gridand stripe-patterned prints that rst made her name in the 1970s to the richly hued, organic paintings that signaled new possibilities for abstract art in the 1980s and beyond. (さらに…)


Hokusai’s Brush: Paintings, Drawings, an

  Editorial supervision by James Ulak and Frank Feltens (Freer Gallery of Art and Arthur M. Sackler Gallery) With an essay by art historian Shugo Asano In Japanese     Witness the awesome creative passion of a master in his last years: the world’s largest collection of Hokusai’s brush works, published in book form for the first time.   While perhaps less famed than his woodblock prints, Katsushika Hokusai’s brush works nonetheless embody his efforts to


All I Need Is My Cats

  Chen Pei Yi In Japanese, Chinese, and English     The endearing joy of a life with cats: a collection by one of the foremost practitioners of cat painting in Asia today.   Taiwanese painter Chen Pei Yi is an exciting talent in today’s Asian art scene. Her cats, rendered using traditional East Asian methods, are portrayed in affectionate individual detail right down to the textures of their fur; thick built-up layers of traditional ground pigments form int


Shiko Munakata in Fukumitsu

  Written and edited by Yoriko Ishii and Akira Oyama With a discussion by Yoriko Ishii and manga artist Mari Yamazaki In Japanese     Works of timeless impact: discover the early efforts that laid the foundations of Shiko Munakata’s international career.   “It gave me a great gift,” woodblock print artist Shiko Munakata recounted of his time in Fukumitsu in Toyama prefecture, where he moved in 1945 after his Tokyo home was destroyed in World War II. Th


Van Gogh and Japan

  Author’s Nienke Bakker, Claire Guitton, Cornelia Homburg, Tsukasa Kōdera, Louis van Tilborgh, Mao Matsuyama, Haruka Morimoto, Keiko Omoto, Yukihiro Satō In English   Van Gogh and Japan, the Japanese and Van Gogh:Follow the trajectories of a mutual fascination spanning continents and centuries A joint international project with the Van Gogh Museum. Van Gogh's visions of Japan were a major mainstay of his life and art. From an encounter and fascination with


Blue: Atsushi Suwa Paintings

  Atsushi Suwa With essays by film director and art collector Thomas Koerfer and art critic Noriaki Kitazawa Art direction and design by Hideki Nakajima In Japanese and English     Listen to the murmurs from beneath the surface . . .   Atsushi Suwa’s 2011 collection was entitled Can’t See Anything Anyway, a consciously ironic comment on the tension between his chosen style of realism and the inherently arbitrary nature of human sight. Six years afterwar

Minoru Nomata

  ALTERNATIVE SIGHTS a catalogue for the exhibition, “ALTERNATIVE SIGHTS - Landscapes by Minoru Nomata” The Museum of Modern Art, Gunma, 17 Jul. - 29 Aug. 2010 July 2010 published by Seigensha Art Publishing Inc. essays by Kazuko Koike, Terunobu Fujimori written by Katsutoshi Taniuchi, Akiko Sadamatsu (curator, The Museum of Modern Art, Gunma) NOMATA Minoru 1955 Born in Meguro Ward, Tokyo 1975 Entered the Faculty of Fine Arts of Tokyo University of the Arts to maj

The Work of Walter Crane: Book Design and

  In Japanese and English     (さらに…)


I’m Sure to Have Songs ARIMOTO Tosio

  Arimoto  Tosio In Japanese   □ size: 213 × 285 × 15 mm □ binding: Softcover □ page: 144 □ price: 5,000 yen (JPY)     Idea books shipping PayPal with shipping included as follows: World shipping ¥6,790 JPY Asia shipping ¥6,530 JPY Order Information *Payment may be made by Mastercard, Visa, American Express and JCB.